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Power Flushing

Does your heating system need a power flush?


You may need a power flush if you experience cold spots on your radiators, regular boiler breakdowns, or radiator leaks.

Over time dirt, sludge, limescale, and rust accumulate within your central heating systems. These cause clogs, which cause leaks, blocked pipes, and your heating system stops working efficiently.


The sludge accumulation and other substances in the pipes cause cold spots and leaks with radiators.


Dirty water clogs and gets into the boiler and pump, which can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole heating system and causes boiler breakdowns.


After a power flush, all the dirty water contaminants and sludge have been flushed out, clean water will circulate around your heating system, allowing the radiators to function efficiently and effectively, saving you money and keeping you warm.


We always carry out a power flush on any new boiler installation, whether a new or an existing system.

Contact us to find out if your system needs a power flush
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