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Landlord Gas Safety inspections

New gas pipe lines

Hobs and cooker installs

Leaks and repair services

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We always carry out a Powerflush on any heating installation whether it is new or old. Sludge, scale and dirt is the biggest problem out there and many people do not see the affect this has on a heating system. It can be very costly when parts need to be replaced due to a dirt system. 

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Power Flushing
System Upgrade

Looking for more pressure and flow from your showers? This can get very technical when deciding which system to go for. We can assist you in making sure you chose the right equipment. 

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We carry out a complete boiler service whether your boiler is 1 or 10 years old. We don't just turn up and stick a probe in the boiler.​

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Boiler Installations

Whether you're looking to install from new or replace an existing.

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Plumbing & Heating

Main water pressure & flow issues

Repairs and fault diagnostics

Drainage above & below ground

Underfloor heating installation & repair

Radiator replacements and upgrades

Tap and shower replacement 

Electrical sockets, lights, rewires

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